Want to create & play together?

  • WANT TO SHARE YOUR HE{ART} IN COPENHAGEN, DEMARK? I’ll help you to premiere your workshops, trainings, events & seminars in my current hometown! If you are a sincere creator, teacher, artist & lover-of-life and want help spreading the good word beating from your heart-center, I want to help, especially if your vision + mission coincides with the mission of my own love-army. Contact me via hello@yogawritenow.org with your questions, dates and requirements and I'll share mine. I will respond promptly. 


  • WANT TO HOST A YWN IN YOUR HOMETOWN? There's nothing I love more than a sweet invitation to play + create on your turf! All bookings are sweetly asked to be done way in advance, as early as the lightbulb above your sweet head arrives. I'm now booking for Q4 2016 (that's October, November December). Contact me via hello@yogawritenow.org and we'll get something started. I can't wait to hear from you! Read more about up + coming events here.


  • WANT TO JOIN CREATIVE FORCES? Creative collaboration is one of my most favorite things in the entire world! So, if you want to combine your he{art} with my he{art}, write me TODAY. What are you waiting for? My schedule is super booked, just like yours, but if it's meant to be, we'll make it happen. Come and catch me! Contact me via hello@yogawritenow.org or on any of my social media nuggets.


  • WANT ME TO SPEAK AT YOUR EVENT? If you already know me or have practiced with me, you know that I'm a combination of a heart broken open, sweet sarcasm and ridiculous enthusiasm. I'll share my personal story, and offer the unexpected + creative dark side. There might be tears. There will be laughs. And everyone might just feel so uncomfortable that when they leave, their hearts feel more alive and their souls a little more free. I'll give you + your audience every-single-thing that I've got and I'll make it intimate. That's right, here it is: hello@yogawritenow.org.


Let's dream the world awake!

Contact me via hello@yogawritenow.org or fill in the form below.


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