Heartfulness: An Evening of Mantra, Movement & Meditation

Pop-up Mini Workshop with Tanya Markul & Deborah Quibell

July 1, 2016 from 19-21 at Physioga in Frederiksberg, Denmark. 


Awakening your heart through an evening of mantra, movement and meditation with Tanya Markul, yoga instructor, poetess & creator of Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul, and Pranic Healing senior instructor & creative mystic, Deborah Quibell.  No experience required. The style of yoga will be a light (blid på dansk) dynamic flow for all levels of practitioners.

We'll chant to activate our ability to heal & manifest through the heart space.

We'll move through a creative yoga asana sequence to embrace our suffering as teachers of heart.

We'll meditate to ignite a powerful relationship with the personal and collective heart beat.


Physioga — Prinsesse Maries Alle 17, 1908 Frederiksberg, Denmar (walking distance from Københavns Hovedbanegård / Central Station).


  • 200 kr. for Pranic Healing students & practitioners

  • 250 kr. for non-Pranic Healing students & practitioners

  • 100 kr. for students, seniors and anyone under 18 years of age 

Payment can be made either via MOBILE PAY to: 24 25 47 28 (note "HEART" in your payment) or via BANK TRANSFER to Tanya Markul REG: 3306 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3306600559

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TANYA MARKUL is a creative midwife, unedited storyteller and shadow poetess. Luring the magic of what is natural back into our daily lives, Tanya Markul is a freer of creativity, of inner beauty + power, and an enthusiastic igniter of joy, laughter & the wild spirit! AND SHE’S ON A MISSION TO OUT YOUR PERSONAL MAGIC!

Tanya is has a bachelor in journalistic writing, a master's in business. She is an artist of life, a faery of trees, a wanderer of the dark, a writer of heart, a rebellious yogini & an Urban Priestess apprentice. 

Tanya is the co-owner & founder of Rebelle Society. She is the creator and mama to Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul, Yoga Write Now (you are here), Waking Wild, and her new projects: Out Girl and The Urban Howl.

Find her on Faceook, Instagram and Twitter.

DEBORAH QUIBELL is a creative mystic, utterly in love with the more-than-human world, her life work revolves around the themes of love, imagination, enchantment, and soul.

As a professional writer and doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology, Deborah relentlessly pursues the wisdom and language of the heart, which has led her to a deep and inevitable love affair with the poetic.

Based in Amsterdam, she is a senior instructor of Pranic Healing for the Institute for Inner Studies in Holland and Scandinavia, and also teaches yoga and meditation in both studio and corporate environments.

Deborah can often be found with an americano in one hand and a green drink in the other.

Find Deborah on her homepage and Facebook.