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If you put your fears aside, how would you live your life?

If there was nothing to lose, what would you create? If you had an obligation to unleash your creative self in order to truly live, would you take the leap? Come and find answers to these questions! Join us for a very special one-day creative immersion in London! We'll blow our minds and grow our hearts through the practices of yoga, writing, meditation and ritual. 

Come and move, stretch and breathe deeply in order to loosen trapped words. Write like crazy to create a fearless openness within your mind, body & heart. Sit still to ignite intuition & to connect with what is real. And experience rituals that will help you to let go of what no longer serves, and to manifest what does.

We'll align stars, connect the dots, and follow the breadcrumbs back to your creatively wild heart.

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Within each one of us, there is a caged bird that longs to soar and sing a fierce & soulful song.

But we have inner blocks that deny our voice, our magic, our inner artistry, and our authentic & creative expression.

We've lost the permission slip that once empowered us to live an unconventional, yet truthful life. We've been swept up & spellbound by doing versus being. And we procrastinate by living vicariously through others in virtual realms... yet still dreaming & aching to leap in the direction of our own heart's calling...

It's time to make life an adventure that is our very own, and to take sweet creative action while we're still here!

This breath is an invitation for us to loosen our grip on everything that temporarily soothes our fears, and holds us back from living a whole & fully authentic life. It's time to reclaim our ability to imagine, create, grow, feel and heal (without caring if we fit-in or who's looking).

Together, let's take back our right to explore our personal creative forces, and to express them like only we can. And it starts with you, precious being!

Art starts as a lump in your throat.

Change isn't always easy. It takes time, persistence and a tender patience. More than anything, it asks for a deep and honest reflection. What we find can be both empowering and hard to swallow. But your mistakes are your beauty. Your fears are your potential. Your fractured parts are an indication of an infinite wholeness of strength and unique artistry!

Your voice emerges from the cracks and scars of life's experiences. There is poetry in your rage, freedom in your laughter, magic in your tears. And there's a Universe within you, that simply will never let you be, until you turn toward it, and answer its call.

Art happens when you get to know the language within you that you know already exists, but cannot yet speak. Let it be exciting. Let it be scary. And let it move you.

So what if...

There were no regrets, and nothing that you've ever done, said or thought was in vain?

What if you could evolve your DNA, rewrite the chapters of your life, and courageously step into the beauty, power & soulful purpose that you already are?

What if you truly gave in to the desire to see the extraordinary in absolutely everything pretending to be ordinary?

Your inner voice can become your life's greatest outer artwork. All it takes is a willingness to seek it out — and to allow your self to share, to be inspired, and to co-create and to be reflected in a supportive community.

Giving yourself permission to be inspired by every life form you'll ever meet opens a gateway toward radical self-empowerment, personal growth, a dance with mystery & magic, and places you in a direction toward living a life you've always dreamed of living.

Open up to life, and life will open up to you. 

Become your prayers.

Join us for a very special creative urban immersion into the artistry of YOU. We'll invite one another to take courageous responsibility for our power, actions, reactions and our stories. We'll prepare the mind, body and heart to live successfully, peacefully, creatively & intimately — we'll move our footing toward a life you absolutely love and adore, in a body that is empowered to express with truth, grace and beauty.

Through the practices of yoga, meditation, writing and ritual, we'll step out of the old, into the new. We'll give ourselves permission to become our prayers. Be prepared to grow beyond your comfort zone, to experience new feelings & sensations, and to banish the demons of doubt, and to let loose your inner deities. 

Individually and as a group, we'll remind each other that we are already enough, that we deserve to be seen, heard, felt and cherished. We'll get in touch with our humanity and vulnerability in order to connect, to be blown apart, and to explore our light. 

We'll gently get out of our own way and let our art speak.

Join us!

We invite you to ritual. We invite you to movement. We invite you to put pen to paper, your body to the mat. We invite you to become the soulful artist of your life and celebrate the authenticity that is you.

No yoga or writing experience is required. All sizes, shapes, body types and backgrounds are invited!

Date: April 16, 2016 (10—18:30)

Venue: Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, click HERE for more info.

Pssst... a delicious vegetarian lunch is included in the price!

Come with a friend, so that after the immersion, you can continue to talk about and integrate creative freedom and expression in your lives, in a super supported and loving way!

**Please bring your journal and something to write with**

Your guides:

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Susanna makes art about yoga, teaches yoga as art, and writes about it all. She is passionate about investigating and celebrating this wild moment of embodiment we are currently experiencing. She is never not dreaming of the great Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram, her spiritual home. Ask her. She’ll meet you there.   

Susanna created Devi Soul Yoga, combining asana, myth, mantra, mudra, and meditation practices. She writes for numerous publications, leads Writing Your Practice courses, and appears regularly on the HuffPost Live. Her drawings are in many museum collections, and her book on Matisse and Picasso was published by the Museum of Modern Art. Susanna’s first yoga book will be published by Chronicle Books in Fall 2016. 

Connect with Susanna on Facebook, Instagram and her homepage.


Tanya Lee Markul

Luring the magic of what is natural back into our daily lives, Tanya is a freer of creativity, of inner beauty + power, and an enthusiastic igniter of the wild spirit! She is an artist of life, a faery of trees, a wanderer of the dark, a writer of heart, a rebellious yogini, and an Urban Priestess apprentice. She believes that every single thing that you put into your body can either unveil or hide your inner medicine, magic + life purpose. 

Tanya is the creator of The Urban Howl, and Thug Unicorn By Tanya Markul. She is the midwife & Co-Founder of Rebelle Society. 

Connect with Tanya on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Your tenderness deserves to rage, your compassion to sing, and your sweetness to shout out into the Universe! 

Give yourself permission to BE NEW, BE MESSY, BE YOU & TO GROW! 

April 16, 2016