Partner Yoga — Yoga & Writing e-Course

Your hosts: Tanya Lee Markul & Jessica Basken

Sign-up opens in October

This very special online yoga + writing workshop is for anyone — besties, lovers, family and friends...

The only requirement is that you have a partner to share the experience with. You do not need any prior yoga or writing experience to participate. All that is required of you and your partner is an open heart and mind – ready to explore and enthusiastically learn. Partner yoga is a blast and can have many laughing-induced results! It will be fun. It will expand your boundaries. And it will deepen your self-awareness and connection to the person with whom you are practicing.

The intention for this course is to (perhaps) try something new, to gain insight about your self and the way you interact with other people, and to invite a whole lot more joy into your life and into your relationships. 

Working in tandem, you will be invited into various possibilities of stretching and strengthening your body. You may find that while working with another, many of the poses become more accessible, comfortable and therapeutic. And you may also discover how another human body can be a great prop of resistance to help you connect to your muscular power.

As the yoga practice opens the doorway of seeing ourselves and our relationships with clarity, the writing exercises will take us even deeper into our hearts and our connection with our partner. 

The partner you practice with during this course will be a reflection for how you approach your relationships with others, and how you treat yourself. Partner yoga is a fun and intimate practice to bring our attention to the ways in which we give, receive, trust, shut-down and become unwilling to connect with the life within + in front of us.

The intention for this partner practice online course is to:

  • Celebrate the need for our interconnectedness, to be seen, reflected, touched and acknowledged by others

  • Encourage trust in order to open up and become vulnerable in front of another

  • Strengthen the joy of interacting with others, and to positively surge the call to share, play and unite

The partner poses in this series will include simple techniques suitable for all levels.

What you’ll get:

  • 3x 45-minute yoga classes
  • 4x individual writing assignments
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group for course participants

This course is taught by Tanya Markul & Jessica Basken.

Price: $24.99 — stay tuned to sign-up!