Calling all sensitive people, sensitive people come in, please!

...and please, please, come out, come out, wherever you are! 

Hey there! I'm messy-haired creative activist & a life-passionate yogini who writes and does a lot of super weird stuff! I LOVE to laugh, play and break heart-constricting rules. I'm an international yoga teacher based in Copenhagen and the creator of

I'm also insanely grateful to be the Co-Founder and Editor-In Chief of and co-creator of 

It's so dang easy to say what we don't want...

But what happens when we say exactly what we want and precisely what we're going to do to get it?

I'll tell you — a clear conversation starts between the life within us and the life outside of us — like two lovers passionately and delicately sharing exactly how they feel with one another — unabridged yet careful and warmed by a very soft flame.

Saying what you want is an expression of truth, and its a manifestation, a mantra, a charm and an enchantment. It's the beginning of a sequence, of creation and exploration. It's a soft waving of your wand, a step closer to freedom's edge and a sip of the soulful warrior's nectar.

It's the ignition of evolution, and it creates a soft flexible membrane for your sentiments to become clearer, to change and to growth in every nourishing direction.

And it's a smoke signal, a watch tower and lantern in the dark. And it magnetizes and calls your tribe as it illuminates your presence, your gifts, beauty and the chambers of your heart.

Offering what you want is the most sincere embrace of trust imaginable — and as much as it is scary, it's even more exciting. So it's time.

It's time for you to write your wants on life's altar. After all, it is and has always been waiting for you to claim what is already yours...

Life is calling, will you pick up?

More About Tanya {in third person}

She is also the co-author & co-creator of The 30-Day Wellness Alchemist Detox guidebook and the 30-day online program

She believes there is no greater classroom than life in this body, and that life is a discovery of individual nourishment, healing, self-acceptance and the most authentic creative expression of the self. She also believes in the power of a community intimately connected to and with all life forms.

Tanya has lived in the United States, Norway, England and Denmark — and has traveled all around the world. She has over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training and has been teaching since 2009.

Tanya has studied with master teachers from around the world. She has set her foundation, pushed inner boundaries and has achieved a yoga teacher certification from Paul Dallaghan. She has explored and has been deeply inspired by a somatic, intimate practice from Godfrey Devereux. She has discovered her authentic voice and has developed and refined her teaching skills with Chris Chavez. She has sat in circle, expanding her tools, insight and mind for potent inner healing work with the deeply connected and immensely beloved, Shamanic teacher, Jonathan Horwitz. She has and continues to study with the enchanting, urban priestess, Sianna Sherman. And in 2013 she ignited on a journey of freedom and well-being with Anja BerghLeila Sadeghee and Heather Umlah. In 2015, she will undergo a 100-hour hoop training with Shakti Sunfire and take a 7-day Urban Priestess pilgrimage with Sianna & Ashley Turner.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Business and has a love for color palettes, anchors and trees.

She’s been writing even before she could form words. An act that ultimate saved her life from a more than challenging childhood. Over a decade ago she bought a one-way ticket on an adventure to discover how to nourish her REAL hunger — to heal, create and unleash her potential and authentic self. She has never looked back.

She has a wicked sense of humor and LOVES a challenge as well as a full-belly laugh. She’s lovable ass-kicker who believes in YOU. If Betty White, Joan Rivers, Bridget Bardot and Method Man had a baby, Tanya thinks it would be her.

Tanya and her husband Christian were blessed to give birth to their first son on February 24, 2014, their darling, sparkly light and gentle guru, Albert Leo. 


I never ever ever thought I'd be a mother. To be honest, the thought frightened me all the way to the marrow of my bones. But it happened. And my heart opened before my mind could interfere and my body responded before I could negotiate. Somehow I allowed that chemistry to remain clear and that wisdom to stay responsive. It has made me more natural than I've ever been. Spiritually, I feel I've grown a few centimeters. Emotionally, I've become more spacious. And physically, I feel more, turning less to the counsel of mental narration and more toward the unspoken wisdom contained within.


Tanya Lee Markul is such a generous, truthful teacher. She walks her talk and lives in alignment with what she teaches. She is a warm-hearted colleague, a trusted friend and an awesome woman. Her humility and genius has created amazing services and platforms such as Rebelle Society, and I continue to be inspired by her and in awe of her creative, fearless spirit. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, as a leader as an inspirator and innovator. She’s one of the most amazing people I know.


Tanya is the most real person I know.  Full of strength, knowledge, humor and a real grasp of what’s truly important in the world. Her daily philosophy is reflected in both her yoga teachings and articles. Her wounds have become her gifts and in return they have become ours, those that follow her journey and teachings via Rebelle Society & yogic teachings. Reading her articles challenges me to look at myself and want to change. She is an inspiration. She is everything I want in a teacher and a friend — someone who is not afraid to take a real outlook on life and make things magical.


I am humbled to have had the opportunity to be friends with and teach alongside Tanya. Collaborating with her is always so sweet and easy and I am in constant awe of her creativity and radical authenticity. Tanya's ability to speak from a place of deep wisdom with a light-hearted attitude and a hilarious sense of humor is what makes her shine as a teacher and as a human being. 


Tanya is a burst of light and love, allowing those around her to have fun, feel at ease and themselves in her presence. As a yoga teacher she is intuitive to the needs of her students and she helps them with the utmost care and concern. I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya also with writing projects, and she’s extremely creative and ridiculously efficient. She is a connector, a fearless adventurer and an excellent air guitar artist.


Tanya is one of the best things happening to me and my yoga. Her teachings come from her very big heart. She is a natural born teacher; Intuitive, including, attentive and inspirational. I keep coming back to her classes and I call them my “soft yoga place to fall.” Whether it´s a strong vinyasa class or a soft flow, the class is taught with both humor and seriousness and I always leave with new insights. Tanya knows that teaching is a privilege, and she really cares for her students. Because of her intuition and thoughtfulness, she makes every student feel special and welcome. I recommend Tanya’s classes to everybody. Experienced or not, you will be surprised to see how much you´ll gain from spending 90 minutes with her, It´s ALWAYS worth it. This is from my heart to yours.


I have had the remarkable honor of contributing to the Rebelle world for over a year now. After stumbling upon Rebelle Society a few years ago and being swept away by the depth and beauty of their vision I have been hooked ever since. Rebelle Society has set a new foundation and vision of hope and love intermingled with exquisite words that entangle humanness at its core. Some set out to change the world. Others simply change the world by being who they are, Tanya Lee Markul is solid proof.


If you have any questions or want to invite YWN to your workspace, event, shala, studio or casa, email HELLO@YOGAWRITENOW.ORG.

Thank you for stopping by. May all the ways in which you live, practice, dream and breath show you the way back to your wild heart. Namaste. Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

With all of my love, so sweetly yours,

Tanya XOXO