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2017 Life-Inspiring Training happening in Copenhagen, Denmark!

This event is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

YWN Past Workshops & Events:

PAIN TO PURPOSE — A two-day LIVE workshop on November 19 & 20, 2016 at Islands Brygge's Pakhusyoga with scholar, senior pranic healer & teacher, Deborah Quibell.

PAIN TO PURPOSE — A one-day LIVE workshop on August 20, 2016 at Amsterdam's most popular yoga studio, DELIGHT with scholar, senior pranic healer & teacher, Deborah Quibell.

BODY TO MAT & PEN TO PAPER — April 16, 2016. A one-day creative yoga & writing retreat based in London, co-taught with master teacher, Susanna Harwood Rubin in creative collaboration with 108 London hosted by the Ace Hotel Shoreditch

30 DAYS BACK TO YOU — March 20, 2016. The 4th global 30-day creative wellness & authentic well-being e-Course offered bi-annually in collaboration with WakingWild.com and Where Is My Guru

WOMENS PRACTICE — December 5, 2015. Copenhagen-based workshop, co-taught with the luminous, Jessica Lee Basken. When women answer the call to stand up and connect with one another, we create a healing surge not only for ourselves, but also for the world around us. This workshop was MAGICAL, and was hosted by Yogacentralen in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

USE DARKNESS TO THEME YOUR CLASSES & WORKSHOPS — November 17, 2015. This webinar was hosted by Justin Michael McWilliams & Karen Mozes and hosted by the Business of Yoga and presented by Yoga Journal. You can still listen to this inspiration talk here - it's free!

TRANSFORM PAIN INTO PURPOSE — November 13 & 20, 2015. (SOLD OUT). Copenhagen-based workshop at Yoga PlaceThe intention for this workshops was transform pain into purpose, to bless and nourish with the power of our personal darkness, and to help us move beyond stuck places and into the direction of our heart’s counsel, toward healing and our wildest dreams.

THE 30-DAY WELLNESS ALCHEMIST DETOX— A global 30-day e-Course offered bi-annually in collaboration with WakingWild.com and Where Is My Guru. The 2016 Fall Equinox Program offered a walk on the dark side and featured author and nutritionist Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir, Dawn Yager and founder of the Mayya Movement, Nealy Fischer. This was our BEST online program to date! 

WOMEN'S CIRCLE — September 20, 2015. (SOLD OUT). Copenhagen-based workshop co-taught by myself and Jessica Basken. Through a practice of asana, mantra, writing and sitting in a sacred circle of women, practitioners were invited to go beyond the outer realm of their personal darkness and into the deep emotional obstacles that hold them back from living life to the fullest, and to courageously explore + share what keeps them from connecting intimately with themselves and other women in their lives. This workshop was SOLD OUT.

LULULEMON'S EUROPEAN TOUR  The European Lululemon tour stopped in Copenhagen on September 19, 2015! I was invited as a guest teacher, joining owner of Pakhus YogaPernille Asam, and master teachers: Chris Chavez, Ryan Leier and Gloria Latham! This event was slamming and SOLD OUT!

YOGA & THE ART OF LOVE — A YWN e-course featured during the month of August and co-taught by Amber Shumake. Theme: an inquiry of love exploring our ability to give and receive love through a self-exploration of yoga + writing.

COPENHAGEN YOGA FESTIVAL — August 28, 29 & 30, 2015. An fourth-time annual event in Amager, Denmark celebrating all styles and philosophies of yoga! YWN was invited to host a workshop in their Contemplation Corner! This year's theme: unleashing the beauty held captive within our pain.

MOVE COPENHAGEN — June 26, 27 & 28 2015. (SOLD OUT). An annual Copenhagen-based 3-day exploration + community driven festival celebrating the art of diverse movement. This year's festival featured YWN. Focus: letting go of inhibitions, sharing + courage.

A PRACTICE MADE OF FIRE — A YWN e-Course featured during the month of June 2015 and co-taught by Amber Shumake. Focus: removing obstacles + creative blocks and reigniting a dedicated practice of yoga + writing.

THE 30-DAY WELLNESS ALCHEMIST DETOX — A global 30-day e-Course offered bi-annually by WakingWild.com — premiered November 2014. The 2015 Spring Equinox Program featured Sarah-Durham Wilson, Shakti Sunfire, Jo TastulaJames Clear and other luminaries. The Spring program was co-taught by Jessica-Durivage-Kerridge, founder of Where Is My Guru.

Want to join a public class in Copenhagen, Denmark?

Join my public, weekly & creatively sequenced yoga posture practice SANS WRITING {that means no writing exercises} at these super cozy + convenient locations:

FREDERIKSBERG, DENMARK — Check class and workshop schedule at Yogacentralen.dk.

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